Swift Flying - Copyright © Mícheál Casey


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The swift exists in our towns without causing any public nuisance.

They do not leave any droppings under the nests.

They do us a good service by consuming millions of flying insects.

The swift is on the amber list of birds of conservation concern in Ireland because its population has declined by over 40% in the last 15 years.

They come to our towns every year for just four months, arriving in late April and leaving in late August.

These are four important months because they are coming here to breed.

Swifts are faithful to their nest sites. Once they have found a place to nest, they will return to there every year for the rest of their lives.

Work is being undertaken to help save the swift in Ireland by erecting nest boxes, surveying for traditional sites and rescuing injured birds.


Raquel Chaves holding a swift that she rescued in 2014.
Raquel Chaves holding a swift that she rescued in 2014.

Each season, Swifts are found on the ground having fallen from nests or some other unknown reason.

Swifts on the ground need help.

If you find a Swift on the ground pick it up carefully and put it in a cardboard box with ventilation holes.

Place it in a quiet place and get advice from Lynda Huxley 083 4809532.

The documents on this page will give you help in assessing and looking after young swifts until they are strong enough to be released. Select a document to open and read it.