GMIT – Mayo Swiftcams

In 2012, 4 triple entrance Schwegler 17A Swift nest boxes were installed at GMIT in Castlebar providing 12 nest sites of which 10 are now occupied. In 2019, an additional 2 triple boxes were installed providing another 6 nest boxes and giving a total of 18 nest sites.

Swift entering nest box
Swift entering nest box at GMIT Mayo Campus in Castlebar –  © Martin Leak



Camera 1

This stream has technical streaming issues not yet resolved.

Camera 2

5 August 2019 : This is Box 11 – 2 chicks fledged on 22 July. Adults returning to nest each night  and occasionally bringing in nest material in the day to enhance the existing nest.  This is quite interesting – are they making it more comfortable for themselves or doing preparation for next year!

Camera 3

5 August 2019 : Up-to-date information on the boxes on this multi-screen.  

Top row left to right : Box 4 – new pair this year that did not attempt to breed; Box 12 – have 1 chick which hatched on 15 July and should fledge on last week of August; Box 2 – 2 chicks which hatched in first week of July.

Middle row left to right : Box 5 – 1 chick which is should fledge any day now; Box 8 – eggs of 2 clutches knocked off nest so no chicks this year; Box 9 – moved from Camera 1 which had technical issues, they had 1 chick which fledged a week ago and adults still returning to nest each night.

Bottom row left to right : Box 7 – new pair this year not bred and no birds in nest box on night of 4 August so may have left for this year; Box 10 – 2 chicks which hatched in last week of June and should fledge in the following week.  They are often looking out of the entrance.

Camera 4

Now that chicks have fledged from Box 1 that was streaming on this Camera, we have decided to stream the 6 new boxes installed in March 2019 (13 to 18) and Boxes 6 and 3 installed in 2012 which are so far unoccupied.  We are thrilled to see 2 birds spending the night in the new boxes at night (13 to 18)  they seem to move vary which box to sleep in.