2 thoughts on “GMIT Swifts Cams are live for 2019

  1. Watching Box 1 Sunday 12th 21:50 noticed Swift very irritated by at least 2 Crateagus near it’s eye. Hard to watch! Is there access to these boxes and can anything be done to help a Swift in this sort of situation or does nature take it’s course? Can these lice be removed, and how, in any situation i.e. if an injured bird is being re-habilitated and found to have them? Would be interested to know a little more about these parasites and their effect. Thankyou.

    • Hi Lesley Anne, yes the live stream certainly means that we see everything even the hard to watch things. We would not interfere with the nest boxes for several reasons a) it’s illegal to disturb birds at the nest site b) it would mean hiring a cherry picker as the boxes are around 5m above ground level and this would disturb the birds c) Swifts don’t take well to being disturbed at the nest site and may abandon d) all the nest boxes are very close and we could disturb other pairs. If I rehabilitate a grounded bird then I do remove them and any other parasites. If you look on http://www.commonswift.org there’s a list of scientific papers and some relate to the cratearina. Every season we do see some on the birds but they don’t seem to cause a problem usually. They are on the birds all year and there’s an interesting video clip on youtube of a ‘banger’ exploring a box and a craterina jumping off the bird into the box as the bird is hanging on to the entrance. So the short answer is that we let nature take it’s course. Thank you for watching the live stream. So far we have 3 pairs back and 5 other birds awaiting their mate. Regards Lynda

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