Important and Useful Links

These websites are run by a well informed group of people across Europe who care passionately about swifts.
This is a specialist website offering advice for all aspects of swift conservation, especially useful for architects, planners, developers and anyone wishing to both attract and save colonies during re-roofing work. Entertaining and informative lectures can be arranged.
This highly informative German website is devoted to the Common Swift world-wide with many scientific studies available.

Bird Watch Ireland – Swift Conservation Project
This is Bird Watch Ireland’s Swift Conservation Project page, a country-wide map gives rough locations of swift sightings.
The Frankfurt Swift Clinic is the world leader and probably the only hospital devoted to swifts. The procedures are truly groundbreaking and offer a level of care that is truly inspirational. The website’s information is extremely comprehensive demonstrating a deep understanding of the species and should be studied in length by any serious rehabilitation facilitator. (A little care needs to be taken with some of the translations). The Clinic is well funded by the German Swift Society and even though they admit very high numbers of casualties, funds support the very best protocols.
This is Entic Fusté’s website; you will find details of his extensive research proving the poor results from historically incorrect diets and also giving invaluable new dietary advice for large scale rehabilitation units with financial constraints.
Action for Swifts are based in the South East of England. They support swift conservation locally and internationally.
Save Our Swifts is the website for the Northern Ireland Swift Group. They have been very supportive of Swift Conservation Mayo and have given invaluable advice on nest box installation.
Suppliers of live foods, offering a reliable quality service and informative website.
This website shows a 3D movie of a swift skeleton, very interesting.

Genesis Nest Boxes
Genesis Nest Boxes is Ireland’s only manufacturer of nest boxes for Swifts, Kestrels, Barn Owls and other species from Magnesium Oxide.

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board is an earth friendly product that has no “Volatile Organic Compounds” (V.O.C.s), is easy to work with and has many qualities that suit the Irish climate.