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  1. As a beginner I put up three nest boxes late April. Began playing a recorded Swift Call from little speaker just below the boxes early May. Last night I changed my timer to a digital one.
    This afternoon at around 4pm I was coming out of the back of my house when I heard the sound of screaming Swifts.
    Thinking my timer had turned on my recording too early I went to check, On the way I happened to look up and there to my delight and joy were three or four Swifts circling around about fifteen meters above my house.
    I quickly turned on my recorded Swift call.
    I came out to have a look two or three times over the next hour and the Swifts were still swooping around.
    Last Tuesday about 8pm I saw a group of swifts near St Mary’s Church on the Dublin Road in Drogheda.
    Has anyone else had sightings along the Meath Coastal Area?
    Corballis, Laytown.

  2. Greetings from Laytown, Co Meath. 1st May 2018
    I began playing my Swift Call about a week ago.
    I am using a new outdoor speaker pointed upwards.
    I have covered it in two sheets of Clingfilm just in case the rain my cause a problem.
    The volume is fantastic in fact I only have my little Amplifier which Lynda sent me at half volume !
    I purchased them ( a set of two) on Amazon from JW Electronics UK for £35:99. They are called, Waterproof Marine Box Speakers 100W 4inch.
    I will give a performance update in about four weeks.
    So come little Swifts and have a look at my three weighting Nest Boxes.

  3. We are so privileged here in Durban, South Africa. We have a number of nests in the roof of our home, an old damaged mud nest and a new one built right onto the old one in a window arch right by my bedroom. Unfortunately, one of the nests on our veranda was knocked down, we think by monkeys. They are majestic little birds. I loved waking up to their chirping in the morning and hearing the little one chirping in the night. They vacated their nests about a 30 – 50 days ago so they’re on their way to you and I hope received safely and with respect. Enjoy them, they truly are beautiful!

    • Hi thanks for your message. The Swifts and Swallows that breed in Europe don’t breed in Africa when they are there for our winter. I’m guessing that you have some type of swallow breeding at your place. I lived in Africa for a while and quite familiar with the birds so if you have a photo you could send it and I’ll try to identify. Thanks for visiting our website. The livestream for our Swifts – who have just arrived back – is now live. Best wishes Lynda

    • Hi Angela, thanks for your message. The mostly reason is that there were non-breeding birds looking for a nest site and they happened to find the one in your house. Are there houses nearby of the same style with the same type of nest site entrance? Lynda Huxley

  4. Hi
    I have swifts that come nest in my shed every year and I am worried because we might be getting a few windfarms around us, will this affect them migrating back here.

    • Hi Janine, if you have birds coming to your sheds then I suspect it might be swallows rather than swifts. You can email me at if you have more detailed information on the nests so that we can confirm that. Regarding the wind farms, currently I don’t have any evidence of negative effects caused by them on migrating birds. Best regards Lynda

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