GMIT – Mayo Swiftcams

In 2012, 4 triple entrance Schwegler 17A Swift nest boxes were installed at GMIT in Castlebar providing 12 nest sites. In 2019, an additional 2 triple boxes were installed providing another 6 nest boxes and giving a total of 18 nest sites.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions at the GMIT Mayo Campus there have had to be some changes to the livestream in order to facilitate the Masters Research on the swifts breeding biology. Cameras are now being recorded onto digital video recorders 24/7. Apologies for any disappointment in layout and quality we will try to improve this if possible.

Swift entering nest box
Swift entering nest box at GMIT Mayo Campus in Castlebar –  © Martin Leak
-769Days -17Hours -50Mins -16Secs

Camera 1 – Box 12

21 May 2021 : There is now sound on this camera so you’ll be able to hear the duetting and other swift vocalisation. There is a pair in this box. They have lots of work ahead to bring in nest material and make a nice nest. 12 June 2021 : This pair are still not bringing in nest material but are spending each night in the nest box. We’ll have to wait and see if they do breed this year.

Multiscreen 1 – Boxes 13 to 18 newly installed in 2019

21 May 2021: There has been one bird in Box 18 for several nights. This morning at 6am there were 2 birds in Box 18 so we may have a new pair. 12 June 2021 : We now have an established pair in Box 18 and they are starting to build a nest but we are not sure if they will lay eggs this year or just prepare a nest. It’s interesting that this is an ‘end of terrace’ nest box which swifts seem to prefer. There is also a single bird in Box 15 who hasn’t yet found a mate.

Multiscreen 2 – Boxes 1 to 11 (Box 1 is top left and 11 is bottom right)

21 May 2021 : The situation is very fluid with the cool weather. There are often pairs in boxes 1, 2, 8 and 9. Box 9 pair is stable and has 2 eggs and may lay a 3rd egg tomorrow. Single birds awaiting mates in boxes 4, 5, 10 and 11. 12 June 2021 : There’s lots going on here. There are now 10 pairs who are at different stages of breeding. Box 9 has chicks that hatched two days ago. Boxes 1, 2 6, 8 and 11 have eggs at varying stages of incubation. The only empty nest box is Box 3.