County Meath

Map of County Meath
Map of County Meath

Here’s a link to a lovely story from Summer 2022 by Peter McCarron “A Wonderful Summer Experience 2022”

Wild about Swifts poster

2021 is Year of the Swift for Navan as declared by Wild About Navan. This 27 March 2021 article in Meath Chronicle gives more information

Peter McCarron's swift nest boxes
Peter McCarron’s swift nest boxes

In April 2017, Peter McCarron placed swift nest boxes on the chimney of his house and is playing the calls from a speaker located near to the boxes. Peter’s house is located just across from the Nanny River Estuary on the border of Counties Louth and Meath. In the summer time there are lots of midges and mosquitoes just above the water so perhaps they will also tempt the Swifts. He often sees Swifts flying over his house so fingers crossed they will find the nest boxes.

Update from Peter June 2021 : “As you know I have had three Swift nest boxes on my chimney facing north since 2017. At the start of Spring this year I made some modifications, moving my call speaker to just under the entrance of the centre box. I also put in nest moulds, some hen feathers and some dried grass. In the last year or two I have seen two or three Swift couples flying about but not actually entering the boxes. About 9:30 pm last Wednesday June 16th I heard the call of some Swifts. When I came out to look I saw two Swifts approach and enter one box each. They stayed inside for over ten minutes. The next day about 12 noon I saw a Swift looking out of one of the boxes. After a minute of so it flew out. I am really excited as this is the first time I have ever seen Swifts enter the boxes. I was beginning to loose hope but now I’m looking forward to seeing more activity in the coming days. I would like to thank you Lynda and Dermot Doran for your advice and encouragement. Kind regards. Peter Mc Carron.