Saving Swifts guide book by Birdwatch Ireland 2019

Birdwatch Ireland has recently published a comprehensive guide on how to help save the Swifts in Ireland. Swift Conservation Ireland, Save our Swifts group in NI and the Dublin Swift Group have all worked with BWI to make this a very useful and comprehensive guide for anyone wishing to undertake Swift conservation work. A pdf copy of this publication can be found on this website under the ‘Nest Box Advice’ tab or by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Saving Swifts guide book by Birdwatch Ireland 2019

  1. Hi I think I found a swift in my back garden , and I think a cat might have got at it and it’s wing may be broke , could you help me on what to do next , I gave it a little water on cotton bud but didn’t force it, trying to keep it warm and no food yet till advised

  2. Thanks to Jeannette for getting in touch via email. Sadly we confirmed it was a Swift very badly injured and it passed away in the night.

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